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We provide fire risk assessments and survey reports throughout  Maidstone, Medway and Kent

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Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 Any employer with 5 or more employees must have a fire risk inspection carried out. Those responsible for commercial premises including common areas and flats must have a fire risk assessment.

The legislation also applies if you are:

Responsible for a business premises,

block of apartments or a house of multiple occupation (HMO)

In a licensed property fire risk assessment survey maidstone kent

An employer

A charity or voluntary organisation

A contractor with control over a premise

A full report will be provided, usually consisting of 30-40 pages, which goes into detail on our findings. An action plan will be provided to assist you in making any changes that need to be made.

We will provide a full fire risk Assessment covering all aspects of your premises

Details of the building

Inspection of floors, lifts, basements, storage areas and stairwells including person responsible for fire safety, competent persons..

Fire protection

Including firefighting facilities, fire alarm system, extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hoses, sprinkler systems and extract systems.

Fire hazards

Including sources of ignition, sources of fuel and sources of oxygen.

People at risk

Including numbers of employees, guests, visitors, customers, contractors, patients and tenants and considerations made for mobility impairment, vision and hearing impairments, lone workers, elderly persons, language, cognitive disability and young persons.

Means of escape

Including measurements and travel distances for evacuation.

Risk ratings

It is common for an assessor to use a matrix for calculating risk in their report.

We cover:

Offices and shops

Factories and warehouses

Sleeping accommodation

Residential care premises

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Educational premises

Places of assembly

Theatres, cinemas and similar premises

Open-air events and venues

Healthcare premises

Animal premises and stables

Transport premises and facilities

Prices from £49 

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